Shirlaws Cayman Islands

We work with successful businesses, organizations and individuals to "play a bigger game", to help them drive value faster than they could do on their own.

Our clients range from boutique businesses to some of Cayman's largest businesses and organizations.

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Tom McCallum
Team Leader
PO Box 11376
Grand Pavilion
Commercial Centre
802 West Bay Road
George Town
Cayman Islands KY1-1008
Tel: +1 (345) 749-7533
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"No matter how well we know Colliers, a fresh pair of eyes and an insightful set of questions are just what we need. The Shirlaws frameworks give us a great anchor to make our conversations about positioning more productive - without wading through a bunch of marketing jargon. Stew and Gina guide the process to help us achieve our agenda in a way that engages every layer of our business. Colliers has adopted many of the Shirlaws strategies as part of our corporate culture - it's a new language for our management team that creates common ground."
Heidi Stout Tretheway, Marketing Manager, Colliers International